Lepakshi: An outstanding glimpse of a cosmopolitan society

Lepakshi brings together magnificent sculptures carved with intricate designs; and a whole set of beautiful, narrative and innovative paintings on its ceilings. It also offers a few lessons to art historians and those interested in the preservation and restoration of traditional arts. Basically, an all-in-one museum!

The paintings that have survived here are some of the most outstanding murals in India. The drawings are eloquent, natural and full of vitality. The sense of liveliness is enhanced by the depiction of the protruding eye, the angular features and by the peaked corners of clothes. The beauty of line and form; grace and movement too are delightful.

The paintings provide a glimpse of the richness and colour of a cosmopolitan society; its styles and fashions. The costumes of men and women, colour and embroidered sarees, jewellery, hairstyles , tall headwear (kulavi) etc. now serve as a resource for textile and fashion designers - truly fashion-forward!

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