About Us

Ishva comes from the Sanskrit word meaning 'offering' or 'gift'. At its pulsating heart lies the mission to showcase what we call worthy Indian treasures through a modern, elevated aesthetic.

About the Founder


Hi, I'm Rohan, founder and chief-enabler at Ishva. After a decade of living abroad as an expat professional, I found that the idea of 'India' is embarrassingly outdated. Being away from India and travelling extensively also made me realise how incredibly valuable India’s indigenous knowledge systems are, and how little is known about them, both outside and within its borders.


And so, a passion for design and curation led me to establish Ishva, a platform to showcase products of India's culture for the Instagram-first generation. We are also fast becoming a unique retail platform & event space that brings together authentic India-only brands under a single setting - one that is cosmopolitan, culturally rooted and undeniably Indian. Watch this space!

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